Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Husband Tag

My friend Amy tagged me almost a week ago, sorry it took so long- here we go:

What is his name?Jared Ellis Stokes
How long have you been together?Our 2nd year wedding anniversary is March 16th.
How long did you date? I am not exactly sure. We met January of 2005, and started talking on the phone everyday in April or May (he was in Virginia and I was in Flagstaff). He came back to Idaho (where I had moved) in September and we were engaged by the end of November. Not exactly sure when exactly D-day was (officially dating day).
How old is he?He is 25, old man!
Who eats more? Jared for sure, I think I have eaten more than him MAYBE 2 times.
Who said I love you first? I think he did, but I probably used my tricky tactics to get him to say it, so I could say it too!
Who's taller?He is by 5 or 6 inches. However, everytime I where my impossible to walk in black boots, I think I am taller. I make us stand in front of a mirror to see, and no matter how many times I am proven wrong, I do it EVERY time! What a patient guy.
Who pays bills? He does, because he graduated in finance, all though I think when I am no longer full time employed I probably will.
Who sleeps on the right side? I always thought I was a freak, but I have seen almost everyone who has done this says the same thing as me- he sleeps on the side closest to the door.
Who mows the lawn? We have always lived in an apartment, but my dad has prepared me well for when the day comes when we do have a lawn (although I will need Brooke to come mow any hills like she used to, since my dad always thought I was too weak-sauce to do those.).
Who cooks dinner?I usually do during the week, but he usually does the meat of Sunday night dinner. He doesn't really trust my Julia Child skills when it comes to pot roast or Salmon.
Who drives?Him, he makes me nervous (mainly because I can tell he is nervous) when I drive him, so I try to avoid it at all costs. Even on long trips; he drove the whole time on our way from Idaho to Connecticut..
Who kissed who first?Once again him, but I probably tricked him into that as well- never underestimate my sneakiness!
Who proposed? He did, but I knew he was going to. Just a little sidenote, as he is kneeling there with the ring all I can think ( and say) is, "Are you sure, I am kind of a brat?" What a stud, he didn't back out despite that AWFUL response!
Who has more siblings?We are both in the middle of 4 kids, so the same.

I hereby tag the following: Sara E., Ami M., Brookey Babe, Emily H., Sheena R., Rachel P., and Shaylee....and anyone else who wants to.

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brooke said...

Here's one HUGE difference between us. . . I can out eat Mike any time! I just try not to so I can feel like a "girl"