Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dance

Part of Kerrigan's "deswaddling" process has been to get her to take naps without being swaddled. Easier said than done!

I have found the best way to accomplish this is to lay down with her on my bed until she goes to sleep-her favorite position is to be nuzzled under my armpit (try and explain that one to me : ) with my face on top of her head so she can feel me breathing (which I have to do deeply to make her think I am asleep) about a girl who knows EXACTLY what she wants! Then the trick is to be very, very sneaky and remove myself from the bed. Also easier said than done!

She still flails all her limbs when she tries to go to sleep, so sometimes I have to "manually swaddle" her with my hands until she goes to sleep. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating, but today I realized how funny it really is. This is how we "tango" at naptime:

Lindsey: lay Kerrigan down and position body to suit her fancy

Kerrigan: Start waving left arm, hitting self and mommy in face

L: Hold down left arm with left hand

K: Grab binky out of mouth with right hand, then cry for want of binky

L: replace binky in mouth

K: Grab binky out of mouth with right hand, then cry for want of binky

L: Replace binky then hold right arm down with right hand

K: Start kicking legs vigorously...blanket gets kicked off

L: thinking left arm has calmed down retrieve blanket with left hand

K: Simultaneously kick off blanket and take binky out of mouth with left hand

L: Retrieve blanket with left hand, put legs over Kerrigans legs, hold left arm with left hand

K: whip head back and forth and spit out binky

L: replace binky with left hand, contort body so left hand is holding right arm AND holding head still, while right arm holds binky in and blanket up...

...2 seconds after achieving complete manual swaddling....SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, I did it. Slowly, one at a time, remove hand and leg restraints and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddeeee of the bed....bed creaks.....Kerrigan wakes up.....and again we DANCE!!!!

*hope this doesn't sound too bad, it is done with love and really does help her go to sleep*


The Miller's said...

oh that is so funny!!!!!!!! Grant is the same way. I know what your going through.

Zach and Bailee said...

That is so cute and funny. I had no idea deswaddling was such an art form. Sounds like you're learning to master it! Someday I'll come to you with my questions!

PS...Remember the beast in the snow going to the movie theater? dear old times:)

Adriane said...

I love the picture of you three on the header!

The Lindseys said...

HI! I totally love that you left me a stranger message. Fellow bloggers are no strangers...we're like family. Your little girl is adorable!!! Isn't motherhood amazing. O.k, to answer your question about cat naps... THe first day I had to actually put Briggs down (in my bed) and lay next to him for about a half an hour or so until he fell asleep while holding his binkie in his mouth. He hasn't figured out how to suck by himself. The next day I did the same thing and he fell asleep much sooner. The third day I tried to lay him down and leave the room. He complained for a about 10 minutes and then fell asleep by himself with no Binkie! So, the last 3 days have been a hit! However, I've only done 3 days of it, so I'm not sure how It'll continue to go, but It helps a bunch having a couple hours in the day to get stuff done, and he seems to be a happier baby all around when he actually gets sleep. Good luck friend!