Monday, April 6, 2009

My Little Energizer Bunny...

...just keeps growing and growing!

I always used to giggle when people would say "I cant believe I have a ____ month/year old" can you not believe it- you have been there every day of their lives?!?!? Well, now I get it, and now can truly say I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE A FOUR MONTH OLD!!!!

Part of me feels like Kerrigan just arrived, yet part of me feels like she has always been around- its a very confusing feeling, which I am sure doesn't make sense unless you have experienced it first hand.

Today was K's 4 month appointment- which she ROCKED!!!! The doctor says she looks awesome. She is now in the 50th percentile with her weigh in at 13 lbs 10 oz and in the 75 percentile for height at 25". Can you believe my little peanut who was barely in the 25th percentile at birth is now taller than 75% of the 4 month population? As for the weight...its all in the thighs my friends, all in the thighs!

At 4 months she can now...

- sleep 8 hours at night (though it is less when we make her sleep in her own crib- we really have got to crack down on that!)

-roll over...kind of. Well, she did once anyway, so I feel like I can list it in her major accomplishments of life.

-grab her toes...Daddy's favorite thing right now. He loves when she lays there holding onto her fat feet- she even does it in her funny!

-talk and scream...also a Daddy favorite.

-reach up and grab stuff- and then promptly place it in her mouth. It really helps us find the motivation to be cleaner when we know if something is in reach of her, it has a very real possibility of ending up in her digestive system.

- can work a crowd. What do I mean by that? I am glad you asked! Kerrigan is a real crowd pleaser. When we are in public she is a perfect angel, and has a 6th sense about people. She can tell if someone is grumpy or mean, and sees it as a personal challenge to go over the top to make that person smile. I have yet to see her fail- she has the cutest gummy smile and is NOT afraid to use it!

-She still blows at of nearly every diaper we put on her. Also passes gas with the best of them. I love watching people's faces when my petite blond beautiful child rips one that could put a grown man with irritable bowel syndrome to of her many talents : )

We just cant get enough of our sweet Rose Bud!!!!


Kristen said...

she is a cutie!! I can't believe I have a 26 month old! Where does time go, Hope you are loving every minute of it. When Parker was a newborn I never wanted to let anyone hold him becuase he had bad gas that was really stinky. Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

The Miller's said...

oh my gosh I could eat her up!!!!!!!! So dang cute Lindsey. I know its fun to watch them eat there feet. So is so pretty and getting so big.

The Miller's said...

She is so pretty and getting so big. Sorry the last sentence did not make since ha ha

Berrett's said...

haha my favorite was the last accomplishment of her blowouts and stinky-ness...hehe. I LOVE it. Wow Kerrigan has put Kate to shame. Kate weighed in at 12lbs 13oz at her appt.!! Good for Kerrigan! Well she really is stinkin cute! I can't wait to see her again!! Justin and I spent our 2nd anniversary apart too...we were moving and he was somewhere on the road in Kansas and i was at his parent's house...hehe. oh do what you can do!!