Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go ahead, call me a hypocrite...

Before I was a mom, I had a huge long lists of things I would NEVER do as a mother.

I would never sleep with my baby (lasted a few weeks before I caved).
I would never "bribe" my child in a store to get them to stop crying (yep, she can't cry if she is eating : )
I would never be one of those moms who buys something for their child every time they leave the house (one look in her closet would show how good I am at that one).

And above all, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER post a gazillion pictures of my child just being cute.

Well folks, I made that rule before I knew how wicked cute my child would be when she rocked out the most adorable outfit I have ever seen. Just be glad I am not posting literally a gazillion pictures.

This whole mobile thing is really cramping my photography style. I guess it is good to practice on a moving person, but it was so much easier when she was stationary.

Most of the pictures were a variation of this:

or this:

One thing I love about photography is how hard it can be. I love the challenge of taking picture after picture, and most of them turn out goofy (cute, in this instance, but goofy)....

...but then every once in awhile, you get a picture so beautiful it makes you want to cry!

(ok this one below probably goes in the goofy category due to the facial expression, but you can see how cute her shirt is in it!)
(love the dirt on her lips, alot of foliage was consumed during this adventure)

Now if only I make a high resolution 8x10 picture of one of these : ) Thanks for the tips Ami and Lesley, I checked those settings and I had already set them to the highest quality...the quest continues!


Anonymous said...

Oh good grief she's adorable. Have you ever thought of doing photography? I'm serious!

As far as the quality/size issue, I'll e-mail you. I have a thought.

sarah said...

Haha so funny, I think everyone has certain ideas before they have kids. With pictures it is hard to choose just one...Those pictures are so cute, but you are right, once they are mobile it gets challenging.

The Miller's said...

Dang girl those are awesome!!!!! enjoy taking pictures while you can I cant hardly take any of Grant anymore he wont sit still and he knows when the camera comes out he looks away

Joe n' Shay said...

So cute!!

Adriane said...

Don't feel bad...I never thought I would wear pink or Abercrombie and Fitch...we all grow older and embrace our true selves :) Love the pics!

Debbie said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Really! I love the pictures...These blogs are great. Other wise I would never know what is going on with everyone.

Love ya
Debbie Wilkins

The Parkers said...

All of ours look like that too. Babies on the move. That's why digital photography is the best thing since sliced bread. You don't have to pay to get a whole roll developed and find out none turned out!

Will & Amy said...

Cute pics, she is so adorable!!

Erin said...

Hey Lindsey! Cute pictures. I want to meet that little girl some day!! A thought about the resolution... when you go to save your picture after editing (in Picnik for example), there's a setting that says JPG Compression Quality and it's a slider that goes from 1 to 10. Are you going all the way up to 10? You probably are, but if not then you need to. Also, the more you edit/tweek your photo, the more resolution gets taken away. That may be part of the problem. Have you done the 30 day free trial of photoshop yet? You need to!! When you do it, call me and I'll teach you a few things.