Friday, September 25, 2009

Love It!

Saw this video in Relief Society...SO POWERFUL! Enjoy!


Janell said...

Which blocks would you like to make? The Give Thanks ones my friend Lacey actually made, but I made the Fall ones. You just paint the blocks and then either stencil the letters on or use a Cricut to cut them out of scrap paper and modge podge them on. Then you can add little accents to it like leaves and such. Also, click on ashley + justin blog off mine, she just made some SUPER cute pumpkin spiders! We also took corn husks and tied ribbon around them and took twigs and we took a cheap broom and painted it with sparkly black paint and tied a ribbon around it too look like a witch's broom (it is hard to find a wooden broom though now days..) If you need Lacey's # to get directions on blocks let me know! Or if there is anything else! I also bought frames at the $1 store and cute out shapes (a pumpkin, ghost, etc) and put them in it and then hung ribbon on the back and hung them up... just a few ideas! Sorry I can't think of more! Have fun though and post what you do! :) See you soon- can't wait to see your little doll!

Kristen said...

I love that video! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I was wondering if I could have your email address or if you can email me with it. I have a huge favor/question for you. If you wouldn't mind chatting with me through email that would be great. Thanks so much!!


Josh and Katy said...

Hey Lindsay. Just catching up on blogs and wanted to tell you that Kerrigan is adorable. If I EVER get a girl I am going to dress her up just like that! You're such a cute mom. Go you. :-)