Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Forgot One..

This was the first outfit I put on Kerrigan when we brought her home exactly nine months ago from yesterday. This was the tiniest outfit we had, and it was HUGE on her little 5 lb 2 oz frame- and now look at it! This picture is even a little deceptive because I have the pants low riding so they look longer than they were on her, and the hat is sitting really high, but you get the idea!

In other news, don't you hate how pictures of a wound never look as disgusting as they do in real life! Take this for instance, doesn't look too terrible, right? Well this was taken Monday night and by Tuesday morning I couldn't get my contact in because my eye was so swollen.

This one is a little better (by better, I mean graphically representing the injury more appropriately).

How did this occur, you ask? We are still looking into some of the details. All that is being released at this time is it was a tennis game gone bad, very bad.
I dove for a ball and my face to the brunt of the fall. Normally, I am neither competitive nor athletic. So what possessed me to dive for a ball is a little unclear at this time (like I said, we are looking into it).
On a positive note, I was able to hit the ball over the net and considering she had just witnessed the dive bomb of the century, Cynda was not in the frame of mind to hit the ball back to me.
Actually, we weren't even keeping score (which brings back into question, what the heck was I thinking?!?!?!)
Jared and my dad are surprisingly proud of my injuries. In fact, to quote my dad, "Good job, way to sacrifice your body for the sport!"
I will admit I am pretty proud of my multicolored, swollen eye and the chunk missing from my shoulder!
*for those concerned by the fact I am in a dress, never fear...I was wearing a swimsuit underneath!*


Ryan and Jacquie said...

wow that's a beauty linds. i sure as heck wouldn't have been diving for a ball. you're so brave! lol

Merry said...

You crack me up! Way to go!

Ben and Cynda said...

You are seriously hard core. Sidenote: I keep replaying your dive in my head.

Ami said...

You are having too much fun without us!

Barbara said...

Way to go! Remind me to always be on your team when playing tennis! That rocks! Battle wounds are awesome. That is hilarious though, I have to admit. Looks painful though. I cannot believe how big your little one has grown.

The Parkers said...

Miles wants to know: "Did my teacher hit her?"