Saturday, November 14, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect...

...or, in my case, practice makes incredibly gradual incremental improvement!

When I was pregnant, I decided that I needed to improve my photography skills (or, I guess more accurately, find some photography skills). It hasn't come as naturally as I would have hoped, but I have tried to stick with it and I feel like it is finally paying off.

For practice, I have been begging people to let me take their pictures. A few weekends ago, my pleadings paid off and I got to photograph some of my favorite people!

I have never seen a more perfect blend of 2 people than this family! Justin and Tina make them some CUTE babies! They were SOOO well behaved and followed directions so well! I feel like the pictures turned out really well.

As always, Megan and Braden made for a good time! Can you believe a child is coming out of her in like 3 months??? I can't wait for Phoebe to get here (fear not...that is not actually her name, it is what I call her while she is in fetus form). My favorite spot was on the bench, reminds me of the movie Notting Hill!

One of my favorite things about taking pictures is how much you learn each time you to it. I can look at these pictures and say to myself, "Looks great, but next time I need to be aware of where the branches are or this would be a more flattering body position!" It's so exciting to be able to constantly improve something.

I also learned that I am addicted to editing...probably a little too much! I love all the different things you can do with pictures, but I need to find a balance between manipulation overboard and fine tuning. I guess that will come with time as well.

Any input you have regarding these is much appreciated. Can't reach my full potential without feedback!

Finally, Braden snapped some shots of my family, and I am basically in love with them. How jealous are you of the East Coast fall colors? And this is even after most of the brightest colors had fallen off...INCREDIBLE!!!!

BEWARE Jones and Dillingham families...I have got my eye on you as my next victims!


The Arbuckle's said...

All of those pictures turned out great. If you want practice on babies you can take pictures of my twins.

Steph said...

I have always been impressed with your photography skills. I wish you would teach me a thing or two. Photography is something I'm interested in but haven't been able to devote much time to.

Anonymous said...

Not kidding, we so need to join forces when I come home to Connecticut! Linds, those are the best pictures I've seen in a LONG time. You rock!

sarah said...

Love the pictures! I think you do a great job. Like you I am trying to learn,it is fun, but there is so much to know. You also have the perfect background :)

The Dillinghams said...

Great job! They look awesome. We'd love to be your next "victims" someday:)

Chantel said...

I think photography is the new craze!! Everyone is doing that!! But you're awesome at it. You definitely have a talent for it. Keep it up.

Berrett's said...

Wow that first family looks AWESOME! hehe. THank you SO much for doing that for us Linds! They turned out AMAZING! I stare at them everyday trying to decide which i want to blow up and hang in our living room!!!


Michelle said...

Way cute Lindsey! How do you group your pictures together like that? Is it some website or photo editing software? As for cameras, we were looking at the Canon rebel xsi & the 50D, and we ended up getting the rebel. it's a lot cheaper & we could get 2 lenses that way. as for picnik, yes us wilkins girls like it, but i've learned that editing using it actually degenerates the quality of your pics. if you notice, the size of your picture file gets gradually smaller and smaller the more you edit. because of this, i've been trying out the online free trial of adobe lightroom. there's a lot to learn, but it's fun. you should try it out.