Saturday, November 21, 2009

While We Wait For Daddy to Come Home...

...we find many ways to entertain ourselves.

We practice our facial expressions- some cute, others...interesting. Nonetheless, learning expressiveness : ) Someday my future son-in-law will thank me for this game when he realizes he has the ability to know what she is thinking by just looking at her face!

We invent new games. There is the stand and cheer game, test chunkiness of limbs by sticking them in random small places game, stick the clip on our noses game and (my personal favorite) the push buttons on the t.v. so Mom only gets to see 1/4 of her show game! Yay : )

I can tell what you are thinking, "does Lindsey EVER clothe her child?" Let me answer that question with a collage o' K.

Yes, I do dress her. However, as previously mentioned, spit up is still making a frequent appearance in our home. So instead of having to change her 4 or 5 times a day, if we are at home we go diaper for the first little bit after meals. Easier on the washing machine and my patience : ) Her happiest time is right after her nap and diaper pictures happen more than I would prefer.
She is so much fun- I love hanging out with my little bud!!!


Tyler and Naomi said...

What a cutie! Can't believe she is almost 1!

Reisner's said...

I dont think anyone thinks, where is K's clothes? What mom doensn't let there kid run around when you aren't going anywhere.
I love the many faces. To cute

The Helvig Familiy said...

Diaper pictures are the best! She is so beautiful Linds. I am so happy for you guys. If you are by chance making your way to Flagstaff over the holidays please give me a call!

Michelle said...

Lindsey, you still need to tell me how you do those collages! what program do you use? they're so dang cute. anyways, i've been getting away from using picnik, because the more you edit, the more programs like those degenerate the quality of your picture. i'm currently playing around with a free trial version i downloaded from the internet of adobe lightroom 2. it's a learning curve to figure things out, but it's so fun! also, to avoid losing quality on your pictures, you have to take pics in a format called RAW, then edit them from that format and when you're completely satisfied with your results, save it in JPEG and try not to edit anymore. i think you have to have some sort of dslr camera to shoot in RAW format- for example I have a canon rebel camera and it takes pics in RAW &/or JPEG format. maybe this is all clear as mud :) anyways, if you have anymore questions, let me know. and let me in on your collage editing secret! :)