Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Very Merry Halloween to You! (and just a little late : )

Halloween was awesome this year. It was crazy busy and so much fun!!! In the morning we went and took pictures (I will post later), then a Trunk or Treat at the church, followed by the Halloween party of the year hosted by the one and only Josh and Colleen...if you haven't been to any of their parties, you should definitely remedy that situation! They go all out, an attribute I aspire to have one day. We are talking fog machine, strobe lights and of course, chocolate fountains o' terror (which is really just a chocolate fountain, but mix in Halloween and the lbs I gained from consuming its liquid deliciousness...it becomes the fountain o' terror!)

Costumes were a must have at this party. The Jensons sported reindeer antlers whilst the other Jensens embodied the spirit of pimp and pimpette. Josh and Colleen captured the very essence of Summer Lovin' in their Danny and Sandy costumes...and yes, she even performed a cheer...and I unfortunately did not take a picture of Mary and Jake- who for one night were able to become Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I have had "LUCY, you got some 'splaining to do!" stuck in my head since). Every time my eyes caught sight of Megan and Braden's dramatic interpretation of a shotgun wedding, I giggled in delight...and then of course took a picture. Jared and I discovered that as Sarah Palin and Joe Sixpack, we make very irresponsible parents...which resulted in us keeping Kerrigan out until almost 1 am. Good thing we are our normal responsible selves the other 364 days of the year- maybe that is a stretch, lets say 350 days to be safe!

And what was Kerrigan, you ask. Well, she was a Walgamott. What is a Walgamott? I am so glad you asked : )
Back in the days when my marriage was still fairly new, my in laws were always talking about Walgamotts. I must not have been listening very closely, because every time I heard that word, I pictured a small, furry creature. Imagine my embarrassment when I voiced what my idea of what it was, only to discover it was actually my sister in law's maiden name. Many a teasings in my direction have occurred due to this mistake.
So when I found this costume at Children's Place for $.99 last year, I decided that the child in my womb was destined to be a Walgamott for Halloween. I think it is actually a bear, but aren't you glad you asked what a Walgamott is?!?!

Now onward to Thanksgiving...I LOVE FALL!!!!!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

Sounds like a rockin' party! K's walgamott/bear (lol) costume is awesome! She's splendidly adorable.

Michelle said...

Lindsey, why didn't you dress up for halloween? For some reason, I have this picture in my mind of you dressed as a fat lady with a lumpy pillow stuffed in her shirt. But then again, when I think of that, I can't help but associate Sheena the crazy new kids on the block fan, with that image.