Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Da Bronx (as JLo would say)

We went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday and LOVED it. The exhibits are huge and there were random peacocks roaming free. One highlight was at the gorilla exhibit...one of the gorillas sat right next to the glass and was mimicking all of the kids that were making faces at it. AMAZING how intelligent they are! Who doesn't enjoy a huge gorilla sticking it's tongue out at you?

This fine looking bunch graced us with their presence!
We rode the Monorail, fun fun! Kind of creeped me out a little, I kept picturing Jurassic Park mayhem- Wild Asia animal style...but no animals escaped during our ride- phew!
Then, after 6.5 hours of animal observations, ice cream and "fountain dew", the exhausted group went home (but not before partaking of ginormous quantities of Lucky's Diner cheesy fries). Look how cool K thinks she is, just hangin with the big girls!
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Ami said...

she is too cute. i miss u guys. lets hang this weekend.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

how fun! it prob wasn't nearly as fun as the dc zoo however!!! :)