Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MAC makeup

2 years ago I asked my sister-in-law how her eyeshadow always looked perfect, even after long days of constant chasing after 2 kids. Her secret: MAC makeup....her warning: VERY EXPENSIVE!!!

Since then I have always wanted some, and made it very apparent to Jared. Last year, we were at the mall, and I saw on the directory that there was a MAC store. When I got all excited, Jared-knowing that I was feeling the fat and ugly pregnant blues- said I could get some (he is so good to me).

So we found the store, walk in and IMMEDIATELY I feel extremely uncomfortable. There was loud music blaring on the radio, florescent shades of eyeshadow I had never beheld and very it was incredibly busy. There is something about being surrounded by people who are extremely knowledgeable about something that I know very little about that makes me feel inadequate. I looked around for a minute, and then became so overwhelmed I left, trailed by a bewildered husband.

I was so embarrassed. Here I was about to bring a child into the world, and I was too intimidated to get something I REALLY wanted! I even cried in the middle of the mall, and Jared felt so bad for me he bought me a pair of shoes instead (like I said he is so good to me!).

I have returned to various mac stores since then, more of a testing the waters than anything since I never had the money to actually buy anything. Every time I have gone, my confidence has been boosted. Last time I went, a very flamboyant man did my eyes in the shades of "floof, tweenks and all that sparkles".

For Mother's Day Jared got me a gift certificate to MAC, and I decided today was THE DAY! I was getting my makeup. There was no stopping me. Clutching my gift card, I stalwartly made my way to the store.

When I got there, the music was blaring as usual. The only employee in sight didn't even acknowledge me. My nerves started to flare up, but I supressed them. I went to her and said," I need help. I have not really changed my makeup since high school, I want something new, etc."

Needless to say, her customer services skills were not the best. I think she could smell the fear and enjoyed making me squirm. She wouldn't tell me what she thought would look good, but everytime I suggested something she said it wouldn't work with my coloring. Many times I resisted the urge to bolt.

We eventually came to some sort of middle ground. She managed to show me some looks that I LOVED, I paid for my goods and left with as much dignity as I could muster.

Regardless of the pain it took to get, I got my makeup, which I am SUPER pumped about! I can't wait to use it tomorrow! Also, I faced a fear...so 10 brave points for me.

Oh, and on my way home I got stuck in the elevator at Macy's for 20 minutes. I had to knock on the doors and yell before someone let me out. Jared's response, "Why didn't you push the emergency button?" HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT????


Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Oh gosh lindsey, I love reading your blogs, you are hilarious! I hope you'll update us on how you like the MAC makeup, I just started using Arbonne and I like it so far, but I'm not overly impressed with the eyeshadow, but I should give it some time.

Dustin and Erin Watson said...

I love MAC makeup! Make sure you invest in a MAC shadestick. If you put it on first under your shadow, it'll make it last all day long. I need to buy some more of my own. haha. That's scary about the elevator. I would have freaked out!

The Haban Family said...

HAHA. The emergency button ... men are so practical! :D

I've heard good things about MAC. I wanna see some pics of your new look!

kelly said...

I, like Jamie, would appreciate some pictures of the said make up. ... I hate intimidating stores and I hate it even more when you actually WANT what they're selling! I'm glad you braved the storm and did it! Congrats. :)

Jason and Kelsey said...

hahaha your posts always make me laugh! and just in case you're not feeling up to venturing back into MAC anytime soon...they have a makeup counter in Nordstroms too. elevator music, and a quieter atmosphere :) but good for you! you'll love it!

Adriane said...

Ha! Such a funny story.

Just a guess here, but I think you are a lot like grandma...she was such a granola girl and felt so uncomfortable being pampered with beauty stuff...especially expensive stuff.

You know, I get so nervous just spending $20 at Sephora (I love that place!!), or heck, I get nervous justifying a new toothbrush. But I guess my problem is that I am C-H-E-A-P! Ha! Anyways, kudos for mustering the guts to get what you want!! I can't wait to see some glamour shots!

Anonymous said...

:-) I miss Jason, the MAC Man... I just loved how he wanted to tell us all his favorite NYC thrift stores... and how he said "Phloof" was his favorite shade. I just thought that was funny.

Mostly though, I just miss YOU! I so would have loved being there with you to buy your new makeup.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you're so silly. i'm so excited for you and your new mac makeup. it'll totally change your life. let's see some pics with the new makeup :)

Suzanne said...

Way to be fierce and take control! I should have warned you about the people that work there, but the makeup is totally worth it! I hope you like it or I will fell bad I recommended it. I could use a fresh look myself, but I don't have a MAC store close by. Sometime we will have to go together and get MAC makeovers!

Tyson and Amy said...

I am a true believe in MAC make-up. I hate using anything else. Did you get some brushes? I have the short-handled brushes that come in a set around the holdiays- much cheaper! One more thing I love- the eyelid paint. If you put it on before your eyeshadow, even if you want to buy cheaper shadow, this baby makes it stay on all day! Welcome to the fold.

Berrett's said...

i love MAC and WISH it wasn't so stinkin expensive! i'm long overdue for some new compacts! good work on braving the store...i just bought mine at nordstom...they don't have those around here do they? thanks again for the flowers! you are the best! oh and of course Kerrigan is adorable!!


Amy said...

What a good hubby to hook you up with MAC. MAC makeup is the best. I love going there. Well not the Stamford one.

That is crazy about the elevator experience. Glad you made it out okay.