Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's Talk

It's 11:00 on Sunday morning. I should probably be at Church right now...but instead I am sitting on my couch. I wish I could say with confidence there is a legitimate reason I am "ditching" church today.

The truth is I have turned into one of those mothers I used to mock. The mom who constantly sanitizes EVERYTHING and flees the scene when an innocent bystander dares to sniffle. People ask if they can hold Kerrigan, I hand them hand sanitizer. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME???

So no, I am not missing Church because I am sick. My baby girl isn't sick. No one (that I know of) at church is sick. Yet here I sit, terrified to take my baby to church because of the off chance that someone COULD be sick.

I find myself torn between my love/need for spiritual fulfillment and my love/need for a healthy daughter.

So what is the deal with this swine flu???? What is all the panic about? Why are people so scared of it? All I know is what Brooke has told me (about the nasty symptoms) and that there are starting to be reported cases in CT.

There is such a fine line between being a reasonably protective mom and being a crazed germaphobic nutjob....and I constantly find myself approaching (if not crossing) it.

What are your feelings? Don't worry about hurting my feelings...I want to hear what you have to say! I know it is ultimately up to us, but any insights would be great. This dilemma just solidifies my opinion that all kids should come with a manual!

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MikeJ said...

Mmmm hope that nose tastes like bacon...

Erin said...

Oh Lindsey, I can be such a crazy mom sometimes! I haven't been letting people hold Ellie lately because I'm terrified of her getting swine flu. I was afraid of her dying of it at first, but then I realized it's not any worse than getting the regular flu. If I took her to the doctor and she was treated for it, she wouldn't die. But that still doesn't mean I want my baby to be sick. It stinks having a sick kid. So I'm with you. And as far as church goes, we never make it past sacrament meeting anyway! Ellie hates church and freaks out on Sundays. Bottom line: you are entitled to raise your children however you see fit!

karen and co. said...

Caleb licks the bottom of his own shoes. When I tell him it's disgusting (or gross or yucky), he laughs and then does it again. And again. Germs are no longer a concern for me after having experienced several shoe licking incidents.

Brooke said...

Nice to know I was/am mocked :)

Funny thing, is I have been "titled" a "germ freak". I joke about it. But really, I am just a freak about washing our hands. AND I have extreme fear of vomit we are talking true Emetophobia. I think that's why people think I am a "germ freak".

I don't take my kids out in public if they are sick, only because I don't want to be responsible for spreading sickness. I wish more people would show that same respect.

So yes, I don't like germs. . .but I don't get paranoid over them. . . I am just a HUGE advocate on teaching your children to wash their hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and staying home when you are sick. Teaching also includes showing your children BY EXAMPLE! (meaning I make mike and I follow the same rules!)

You can't horde up in your house (when you are healthy LOL!) and let life pass you by.

I just watched veggies tales today with Isaac (yes we stayed home too, but well you know why. Okay I will come out and say it. My kids have the swine flu. I just keep freaking out that as soon as people know this, they will think of us as freaks. Thank you dumb over reactive media for that one!) The whole swine flu thing DRIVES ME NUTS. Why are people freaking out now (although I appreciate that sick people are staying home!) The normal flu kills thousands every year. . . so why are people just now starting to practice common sense?!

Anyway back to veggie tales, it was about fear. The point was the only way you can get over your fear is to face it head on. (and no I have no desire to lick a trash can, or watch people vomiting. . . did you see that show?! The germ freak people that they were trying to unfreak. . . it was pretty mortifying!)

Unfortunately there will be sickness and health in life. I hear we agreed to that when we came to earth :)

Okay sum it all up. . . be protective by doing the things you have control over. like: Don't go and purposely "hang out" with friends you know are sick. Wash your hands. Do your part to NOT spread sickness to others.

No need to over react and try to stop things that are not in your control!


Adriane said...

First of all, I totally agree with Erin..YOU ARE entitled to raise your kids however you see fit. Period.

Beyond that, I will offer my two cents even though I don't have any kids.

Okay, so prepare yourself for a totally shocking answer that is probably in complete opposition to everyone else's....GERMS ARE GOOD! Don't get me wrong, it sucks to be sick and really bad illnesses can be life threatening (definitely not good) but being exposed to some germs is not a bad thing.

I don't know if there is hard scientific evidence to prove it or not, but I think that our immune systems grow from exposure to some germs (yes, even bad ones like the flu). Think about kids who are always on anti-biotics...they are ALWAYS getting sick. Why? Well, it is probably because they haven't really used their own immune systems to fight off germs, and so they get sick with the slightest microbial exposure. Again, these are just my views and I haven't spent ANY time researching my theory...just personal I release myself from any criticism or liability :)

Bottom Line? Take regular sanitary precautions like washing hands and avoiding public restrooms, but don't go overboard like carrying a bottle of Lysol to the playground. Most of all, trust your gut. If you think some situation is potentially hazardous, don't go there. Chill out at home instead and knock yourself out with some heavy doses of Vitamin C and garlic.

Besides, you don't want to be a complete germ-a-phobe coo-coo because woman who are...well ask me about it sometime because I have a theory that there is a correlation b/t those type of women and what happens in the bedroom.....ahha!

Anyways, I really have said too much. You are an awesome, loving, protective mom Lindsey and don't ever question your motherly instinct about your child.

mck said...

We stayed home from church for the same reason two oldest are still putting EVERYTHING in their mouths, and I just couldn't handle the thought of them being in the nursery without someone making sure they weren't licking other kids' shoes. I'm not any more afraid of the swine flu than I am the regular flu, but we were vaccinated for the regular one and I really think the flu stinks! That being said, I'm a little bit of a germ freak. I've eased up since Darah was first born, though BIG TIME!!

Debbie said...

Hi Lindsey! Surprise! I just found your blog...I am supposed to be studying for Seminary..... Your baby girl is adorable!!! I am not just saying that...Brookes kids are sooo cute too. These blogs are awesome..I am excited to be able to keep up on everyones families....You look ya Debbie

Debbie said...

PS...that pig thing is gross!

Reisner's said...

I agree with Adriane, I totaly think germs are good. Infact I herd a doctor say as soon as he hear's someone is sick he takes his kids over to there house because his kids need to build up the immunities. Now I'm not all over it like that doctor but Im trying. I still cringe sometimes when I see a sick kid but I do believe it is good for kids to build that immune system too.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

I called Garrick the other night while he was at work crying because I was freaked out about the swine flu and needed him to fill me in on it and what is really going on (he works in the ER). Anyway, the swine flu is a new strain of the flu virus, the reason for the huge media coverage is that they just didn't know what it would do. However, so far, it's basically just another flu bug. There has been like 140 deaths worldwide so far from the swine flu, right? The "regular" flu kills 30,000 people a year in the US alone and they die from not treating the symptoms (like dehydration etc.). So basically, just wash your hands and take the usual precations to keep yourself and K healthy, but in reality, it's not nearly the huge ordeal that the media has made it out to be. However, I totally understand that as a mother, you do what you need to so that you feel safe.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

So I was just reading an article on the swine flu on CNN and it said that there's actually only been 20 confirmed deaths from the swine flu

Sorry, just thought I would amend my 1st commnet... ;)

Erin said...

I know somewhat how you feel...Living right by the border is scary and I hope it settles before little Riley comes. You are not crazy...Just a good mom!! :)

Taylor and Stina Cline said...

HEY!!! I'm so glad you found me/my blog :-)
You look beautiful! How are you? How is life?
I'm not sure how to add your blog to my list...?? help :-)

Ryan and Jacquie said...

wow you're really psycho! haha. just kidding!!! i love you :)

word verification: i feel when i do squats

Jason and Kelsey said...

there are a lot of comments, so i didn't read them all, and don't know if this has already been said, but...i'm not really that freaked out. i heard on the news last night that 3 more people here in the oc have been diagnosed with it. and there have been 250+ confirmed cases in the US. but the thing is that of all those confirmed cases, no one has died (except that mexican toddler in texas but he was FROM mexico). they talked about a girl 20 minutes from where i live who has it, and hasn't even been to the hospital...she's just recovering in isolation and is expected to be perfectly fine. as long as you keep little k away from sickos as much as possible you'll be fine. anyways, that's just how i feel about it :)