Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Birthday...

No, not mine- I believe I have sufficiently expressed my feelings on my own increasingly old self.

Kerrigan turned 1 on December 5th. The lucky girl was able to share her birthday with her BFF Kate (I assume they are BFF, it is kinda hard to tell at this age).

So many people showed up to support the birthday gals, and they both scored a lot of loot- thank you so much everyone!

First we opened gifts, I love that they are old enough to enjoy this:

Then cake was consumed. This was my first attempt at cake decorating, and I am fairly certain a profession in the cake decorating industry is NOT in my future (in case you were wondering, it is supposed to be a lady bug with flowers around it...not a red and black blob).
I think next time I will copy Tina and do scrapbooking decorations...isn't it too cute?!?!?!
Kate was a little more into the cake eating than Kerrigan, who acted surprisingly prissy when it came to getting a little dirty. I thought through our own examples we had taught her better : )
And finally, the birthday attire (no, they were not in their birthday suits). Check out these sweet threads. They looked cute in their coordinating tutus!

I can't believe these little ladies are so old!
While in AZ, my ultra talented sis took K's one year old pictures. Can't wait to show them off!

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