Monday, December 14, 2009

I decided I needed to document some fun Kerrigan facts for posterity's sake.

At 12 months Kerrigan...

Is 21 lbs (front facing seat here we come) and wearing 12-18 month clothes, although occasionally I try to squeeze her into my favorite 6-12 month clothes : ) Her hair is finally long enough to sport pigtails, which she is debuting for the first time today!

...Loves to play games. Among her favorites are the thank you game (you hand stuff back and forth, saying thank you to each other), giving high fives and pounds (fist bump), Lego's (essentially the same as thank you, but with me stacking Lego's, then she takes them apart), playing tag around the ottoman and of course throwing stuff on the floor so I get to pick it up!

....Sleeps usually 11-13 hours a night. She also takes either 2 1.5 hr naps or 1 3 hr nap. BEAUTIFUL!!!
...Hates shopping (how did that happen), when I am on the computer and snuggling unless she is really tired- boo!

...Loves meeting new people. Also loves Dr. Pepper...please don't report me, it is always in small doses. Loves to be independent! Loves babies and pictures of babies. Also, loves playing with other kids, we still working on how to be soft with them. Loves animals, but is afraid of them at the same time. Has a crush on Braden, and often prefers Megan over me (some of our friends we spend alot of time with).
...Is officially walking all over the place. Yesterday she walked around her Grandma's kitchen for 15 minutes without falling down! She is also starting to run...well, more like a power walk, but very quick for such a beginner! You should see her face when she is walking, she thinks she is pretty hot stuff!

....Is talking NONSTOP!!! Her vocabulary includes hi (pronounced hiiiiiiiiiii), bum (I dunno where it came from), ohhhhhh, Bob (for Braden), mama, dada, cookie, ya (for yes), out, this and that, pretty (if prompted), go (when she is walking or someone says, "ready, set...") and di (drink). My favorite is when she is whining I say, "Can you ask me in a nice voice?" and she changes to a really high pitched "nice voice" babble...soooo funny!

Also, she says "day do" for thank you. Almost every time someone hands her something she says it. However, she struggles with the concept, and also uses thank you in place of please and here you go (when handing something to someone). BASICALLY she is a child prodigy : )

...Eating almost exclusively table foods. We are SLOWLY beginning the weaning process, and she still has Gerber fruits and veggies. Other than that, she basically eats what I eat. Just recently she has started to become a picky little eater, which I could live without. If she doesn't like something, she makes the goofiest face and either throws it across the room or spits it out, which is extra fun considering we have all carpet in our apartment! Foods she loves are pizza, chicken nuggets, Taco Bell chicken soft tacos and cookies (sometimes I trick her into eating something by calling it a cookie, is that bad?).

Basically, we adore her...who wouldn't?!?!?!?!


Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

I love that you trick your child by telling them it is a cookie. A tactic I plan on using often in my home.

Brooke said...

Man I wish I could trick Isaac by saying food was a cookie. Wouldn't work with ains, because she likes (and I quote her) "regular food" Which means no fast food and nothing sweet. Means homemade home cooked meals.

No you need to post a video of her voice. Love it every time I hear it!

So have the "spit up" episodes slowed down yet? Probably pretty gross with a burrito from taco bell!

Gonna be honest, she is one of the reasons I am willing to drive eight hours to flagstaff, even though I know I will barf my brains out on the way there!!

The Dillinghams said...

She's so cute! I love her personality. And I'm pretty glad she knows that Dr. Pepper is the greatest drink ever.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love this! I can't believe how BIG she is! Here's to hoping we get to see you this week... (fingers crossed!)

Ami said...

Jenna felt very honored that K said hi! She was like "did she say my name?" haha I told her no, she sensed I was going home and Lindsey felt inspired to say K said hi.....then Kyra wanted to know who K was and Jenna said "the cutest baby in the world!"