Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Little Catch Up While K Sleeps...

Let's rewind almost a month and a half ago and play a little catch up.

We will call this portion "The Eve of the Day of Thanks and The Actual Day of Thanks".

That is right folks, I am only now writing about Thanksgiving, HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!

We decided to go to see the floats for the Macy's Day Parade the night before the actual parade. We thought we were SO smart to avoid the crowds and stand in the cold for hours just to watch a parade.

Unfortunately, we did not take into account the thousands of people who experienced the same stroke of genius!

It was soooo crowded. We waited in the rain for a really long time to get onto the streets that contained the balloons (are they called balloons?). At one point, I swear they were herding us like cattle, which really bodes well with a child in a stroller.

The first street was so jam packed full of people, I nearly reached my claustrophobia limit. Luckily, the second street was much better, and had my 2 favorite floats...a smurf and the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Afterwards, we partook of the goodness known as the Shake Shack. While there, Kerrigan and Ben perfected the fist pump, or the pound as we call it. She discovered if she held out her fist, Ben would pound it...a game she thinks is hilarious!

Thanksgiving Day: The menfolk played a game of football...the womenfolk huddled near cooking ovens to prepare food and keep warm. I had every intention of going to watch the game- that is, until I felt the frigid temperatures from my balcony...NO THANK YOU!!!!

Kristin did a beautiful job with the table settings. Kerrigan represented the Indians, while I guess the rest of us represented the Pilgrims. Gotta be politically correct (or incorrect, not sure)!
Good food, good friends, more good food...the end!


YO Adrian&Amy said...

i was just on google reader, that's why i'm responding so fast:) hey... i've got to figure out how you made that picture collage, and it was so big too....directions? lol:)

Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

First: I love the picture of Ben and K... way to cute. Second. You forgot to mention that you stood outside of best buy all night in the cold and rain to score a freaking sweet computer! A task that should be respected by all, who slept peaceful in their beds that night!

Megan and Braden Edwards said...

haha is this the one where I have/had massive cleave??