Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 months (plus some)

I have been slacking in posting this...my little girl is 2 1/2 MONTHS ! I seriously can' t believe how fast it has gone by.

First of all she had her 2 month checkup a week and a half ago. Lucky for us, Jared decided he could work from home and go with us, since both Kerrigan and I had a rough time with her first shots! She did awesome, though, and I only cried a little : )

She is now 23" tall, her head circumference is 15" and she weighed 10lbs 12 oz...can you believe she double her weight in 2 months!!!! She caught up in weight with her long distance buddy Carter (one of my BFF's who had her baby on the same day as me, but he was almost a pound bigger than K) and is now longer than him. I think most of her weight is in her thunder thighs:

She is also getting so strong...tummy time is paying off and she is getting much better at holding her head up.
She is now sleeping in 6-8 hrs stretches at night...IN HER OWN BED/ROOM!!! She did awesome with the transition. From the first night, she has never had a problem...I, on the other hand, cried every time I woke up and she wasn't next to me for the first few nights (so tough, I know).

She is also so observant and aware these days. She smiles at us constantly (but the camera freaks her out so smiling pictures are rare). Big K also loves her mobile. We can turn it on, and she lays there mesmerized for 10 minutes before getting bored and needing a change in scenery.

My all time favorite new development...she is now big enough to fit into her 0-3 month clothes and looks too cute for words, so I posted a bunch of pictures. This was her first time wearing jeans and I think she looks like a little person, instead of a new baby. I LOVE IT!!!!

I am trying to get better with photography, and I personally feel I ROCKED IT with this picture... at least for an amateur!

I can't believe how lucky I am! I must have done something very right to earn the privilege of waking up to this face everyday!!!


Tyler and Naomi said...

Yes you are lucky! She is so cute!

Erin said...

Lindsey your pictures are so good! I love them.

Dulcie said...

What a pretty little girl! I'm so jealous that babies can have guilt free thunder thighs. I totally agree. You rocked that photography stuff.

Sean and Erin said...

She is sooo cute! I love her little jeans :) I'm hoping I get good at photography too when I have my baby...I love your pictures!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

good job with the pics linds. they look good. and i love her lil outfits. adorable!