Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random pictures

I was FINALLY able to consume a burrito from Sierra Grille. It was one of our favorite places to eat, but when I was pregnant, just driving by the place made me gag. HOORAY!!!!!

Ami and I rocking on Guitar Hero...Good times!

So cute in her little beanie.

So peaceful!!!

Big K showing off by lifting her head way off of Jared's shoulder. Kinda a goofy picture of her : )

Look at all these clothes I got at Old Navy for like $20. It is 2 sweaters, 4 shirts, 2 dresses, 2 pants, 2 skirts and my personal favorite, the little bikini in the upper right corner. Such a screamin deal!

Kerrigan's favorite toy...her monkey!

We had an American Idol party... Jared is Chris Daughtry, Kerrigan is Simon and I am Randy Jackson.

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Ryan and Jacquie said...

oh my goodness. that last pic is absolutely hilarious. i love it! and i love that you look so dang hot. and i also love that kerrigan is so cute! ps. i love you guys!