Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday's Memory

So, in order to maintain my promise that not EVERY post will be about my is my weekly memory.

Don't you love when you smell something and it triggers something in your mind from the past. I get that all the time.
That is what happened this morning when I was putting on my makeup. I decided to splurge on mascara (I usually get the cheapest one)- which was silly, because I can't tell a difference in my lashes, but that is a different story.
So I was applying my mascara, and it smelled very familiar. I knew I hadn't ever used it before, so I sat there for a minute, and then the odor uncovered a memory I had managed to block.
It was a smell from a very difficult time in my life- geek wise. It reeked of a time when I wore huge rimmed glasses. I also was cursed with braces at the time. I played in the band- not in A band, I was a member of the MARCHING band. I had to use an inhaler- very chic!
I bet you are wondering what all this has to do with the smell of my mascara. Well, my friends, I am just painting a picture of my "condition" at the time this smell was a big part of my life. As if the dice weren't already stacked against me, I had to use NOSE SPRAY!!!! Could a person get more pathetic than a 4 eyed, metal mouth, band geek, asthmatic nose sprayer?????
That is right, my new posh mascara smells EXACTLY like my nose spray from that blessed era of my life. I am really looking forward to being reminded of that pitiful time of my life every morning! (jk, it was not as bad as it sounds....not great, but not AS bad)


Erin said...

I find myself reading outloud sentences of your blog to Jace QUITE often. You are hilarious. I got a kick out of your nose spray memory. Oh, and those pictures of your baby smiling are so cute!! Nice that you had your camera.

rachellehurd said...

i "splurged" on this same mascara too! do you like it? love the post.. you are too funny!

Ami said...

I want to see a picture because I just cannot picture it in my head!!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you make this simplest things HILARIOUS! i just got this very silly visual of you in your geekiness marching around with your instrument squirting spray up your nose. oh the sillyness!

Lesley Wright said...

you are so funny. Kerrigan is so cute. I love her smile. I love the pictures of her on her blessing day, cute, cute, cute. Also great job on the Old Navy clothes.

The Arbuckle's said...

I can't picture you being a geek, I think we need a picture!!

You are hilarious