Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend Extravaganza!!!

So this year, we celebrated Valentines Day ALL WEEKEND!!! YAY!!!

We set the Valentines Day mood with a surprisingly expensive game of bowling with some of our closest pals (so long $1 bowling of Rexburg, ID). Nothing says romance like nasty used but SO stylish shoes, greasy bowling balls and bad music! Needless to say, it was a kickin good time! Thank you Kristin for holding Kerrigan the ENTIRE time so Jared and I could bowl.

Saturday morning the guys all played football, whilst us girls got our beauty rest. Then we met Mike and Kristen at Bull's Head Diner for brunch. Sadly, Ben and Cynda couldn't make it because they had to prepare their talks for Church (you guys did awesome by the way). We had a great time with the Jensens, and the food was 2 thumbs WAY UP!!

When we got home we did a little Valentine's Day photo shoot with the our most photogenic family member. Please note the cute little bum heart on the back of her pants!

I tried to get some pictures with Kerrigan lifting her head up, but apparently the flower was really weighing her down because most of the pictures looked like this:

That night Jared, Kerrigan and I utilized our Chili's gift certificate (thanks Doug and Lori). It was so good but talk about a FATTENING weekend. To all of you who expressed disgust at my weight loss, you should be pleased to know that I am again above my pre-pregnancy weight =BOO! Big K was a huge hit where ever we went, people loved the flower. Hopefully this will help show Jared that big flowers are ok, he usually doesn't let me put the huge ones in her hair.

I don't have pictures, but Sunday we went to the Jensens for a game night. While the more financial minded folks played an intense game of Acquire, Cynda Aubri (who is one of my new CTBGFs-Connecticut best girl friends) and I played Life. I am sure you are all trying to remember the last time you played that....well I am her to tell you it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! We were giggling the entire time. Though I think the highlight for me was when Cynda (an accounting major) had to help Aubri and I say how much money we had...since I said I had eleventy hundred thousand (aka 1,100,000) and Aubri had one million seventy two hundred dollars (aka 1,720,000).
Then we played a couples game, finding out how well you know your spouse. Ironically, the couple that has been married for 6 months won, 2nd was the couple married for a year, followed by the couple who just celebrated their 3rd anniversary then the STOKES...that's right, we lost :(
The best part of the whole weekend however, was Monday morning. I woke up at 8 and Jared was still sleeping, so I woke him up in a panic (he usually leaves for work around 7). He fumbled around the room and then left, and Kerrigan and I fell back asleep. A few minutes later, Jared comes back home with some Panera breakfasts sandwiches (yummy) and mocks me for not realizing it was a holiday & he doesn't have to work. What a terrific surprise!!!!


Brooke said...

Yeah when the flower is bigger than her head, it must weigh her down a bit :)

Can't wait to meet her!!

Anonymous said...

I read Thomas the part about the game of Life, and he and I laughed out loud at your fabulous description.

By the way, I consider you one of my CTBGF's too! I'm supremely honored to be one of your CTBGF's.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

sounds like quite the fun weekend! i love your game of Life sillyness. you guys sound out of control.