Friday, February 13, 2009

Tips please!

I have a few things I need help with...

1. For all my Connecticut friends- I have a few crafty projects I want to try (key word, TRY!!! Crafts are always a dangerous endeavor when it comes to me). Does anyone know where there are any scrapbooking and fabric stores around here. I know there is a Joanns in Milford and a huge Michaels in Port Chester. Other than those, any suggestions?

2. For anyone who has ever lived in a cold region- Our heating bill was ASTRONOMICAL this past month. Does anyone have any tips to keep that bad boy down? Aubri, I know you mentioned something at Applebees, but I don't remember. I think alot of cold air is getting thru the windows, so what is something we can do in an apartment that isn't going to ruin our chances of getting our deposit back?

3. For anyone who has carried a child in their belly- how does one demolish the excess belly flab? Any ab workout routines/video ideas are welcome. I am wearing my normal pants, but cant wear alot of my normal shirts because they show that cute little pouch hanging over the normal pants. And by cute I mean disgusting : )

4. For anyone who has braved the travel industry with a child- I am flying alone with Kerrigan in about a month. I just need any survival tips...I am REALLY nervous! Even if you think to yourself, "self, this is really obvious, and any idiot would think of this"- TELL ME, because I can guarantee I wont think of it! And yes, there is a layover...can I get a YEEHAW?!?!?!

There was another one, but in true Lindsey fashion I have forgotten what it was. I will get back to you.


The Miller's said...

Girl flying will be easy I flew with Grant when he was 2 months old. Just make sure when you take off and land she is eating or has a paci. He slept most of the time. He flew to AZ when he was 2 month. You will need shot records to Birth cert.

Brooke said...

I am going to be making some of these for next year. . . (for the cool air/windows)

Ryan and Jacquie said...

this comment is useless cuz i got nothing for you on any of those. sorry! i just wanted to say HI!! :)

Berrett's said...

ok so yes make sure she has a binky when you take off and can do it! people are generally very helpful when they see you are traveling by yourself! I'm gonna do it with two and i am super nervous...but hopefully kerrigan will do just fine!! And heating bill...we went to home depot and got this shrink wrap stuff you stick to the inside of the requires a blow dryer and that helps tons! the other stuff...belly flab...yeah don't know...still have mine so let me know if you find a way to fix that that doesn't require a tummy tuck. :)


Joe n' Shay said...

Since we are still here in Ice burg and have the same heating problem, we put towels along the bottom of the windows and door to block the drafts. We have since discovered our front window is bowed so we hung a quilt over it and it blocks the cold really well. We also turn the heat off or down at night (not such a good idea with a baby though) We got a coco motion for Christmas and it has gotten lots of use to keep us warm. You can do a shrink wrap for the windows but that is something to run by the managers. Hope that helps and we should go and kill that stupid groundhog for seeing his shadow, we need spring!


Anonymous said...

totally not a dumb question! we get it all the time. it is pronounced like Natalie but with no "N" And your baby girl is getting so big she is adorable!!!

Erin said...

When you find out about the flab, let me know. As of right now I'm still disgusted that you weigh LESS than pre-preg weight. I still have a stinkin 8 pounds that is clinging to me for dear life.

Janell said...

I was once told by the power company that if you turn your heat down and you are letting the room get cold and then turning the heat on that it is actually a lot more expensive to reheat then maintain a temperature. I don't know if that is an issue at all, but just in case :) It did make a difference with us... And I am jealous about your weight! I still have 9 pounds to go with Mason and he is already 10 months! And I have 6 extra pounds from marriage weight from before I was even pregnant! My doctor told me that with a c-section it takes at least 11 months for a healthy weight loss... I think she was just trying to keep me from crying :) I find the only thing that helps now is trying to run and do sit ups- but I get a few pounds off and put it back on, so I am not one to give advice in any way probably :)

Adriane said...

I don't know if my experience in AZ can compare with the Northeast, but here's a few tricks I have learned:

*using a humidifier (the moisture helps retain the warm air, plus, it keeps your skin and hair LUSH :)

*shrink wrap...but like mentioned earlier that may be one to run past the landlord

*standing oil heaters seem to be more energy efficient than other types of space heaters (and safer) and they are great for heating small (enclosed) areas

*heavy drapes over the windows

*if you get any the greenhouse effect ('da good kind you know ;) and let the sun in during the day

*run around the house...non-stop (my personal favorite...I never seem to get cold when I am busy :)

Good Luck with the cold and the upcoming trip!

The Arbuckle's said...

1. There use to be a scrapbook store in Fairfield called memories and a scrapbook store in stratford that I use to go to but I don't know if they are still there, this was 4 years ago.

2. Shrink wrap on windows and also foaming spray. if you have any holes or big cracks in windows or walls. This has helped us lower our bill.

3. I'm just as curious because I have excess skin too.

4. Kerrigan is the perfect age to travel. Get an aisle seat so your not crawling all over people if she has a dirty diaper or you have to rock her in the aisle. You will be just fine. The hardest part for me was going through the security gate because you are holding your baby but you have to take everything off of you and her, put your stroller through, the bag, take your shoes off. ITS TOUGH!!

Good luck

The House's said...

make sure the baby is sucking on something when they pressurize the cabin, so it's actually even before you take off, that way her ears will pop. And most airlines will let you bring the carseat on the plane if there's extra seats and if there's not then they can just check it and the stroller at the gate. That was nice when Lorelai was a baby because then she could sleep in her carseat through the flight.

Click Clan said...

For the Traveling: Definitely make sure she is sucking on something because the change in elevation makes their ears messed up. The sucking eliminates the pressure!

Tummy: Pilates. That is the best thing that helped me. It's a slower process, but it seriously works. This lady I know got her stomach stapled and had tONS of excess skin. The Dr. told her the BEST solution was pilates! CRAZy, but it WORKS WORKS WORKS!


dustyperle said...

so I was looking on here to see if anyone gave a good commetn on how to get rid of the baby fat and all i have to sat is, DANG! I Hate Pilates!!!!!

Kristen said...

i am 2 years post Parker and finally back to a happy point- but you know what I finally found out worked to get rid of the stomach flab is exercise, situps and gasp- cutting out daily ice cream and treats. how sad, but I think it has helped.

You already have great advice on flying. babies fly great.

Erin said...

I actually borrowed the shirt from my sis-in-law. Sorry! I'm no help. I'm horribe at knowing where to find cute clothes like that. That's why I never shop.

The Helvig Familiy said...

You make me smile! For the cold apartment, you can try taping plastic over the windows (tape the plastic on the wall just around and covering the windows..... I've only seen it on TV, but they looked a lot warmer :)... I have never carried a baby, but I did weigh 158lbs when I got off my mission. The solution you ask? Pilates. Get a couple of videos (I recommend the "crunch" brand with Ellen. She is fabulous).