Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Little History Lesson

Diapers have been around since poop has been around, so forever. I did a little research of the disposible diaper...and found this:

Diaper Evolution Time Line
Cloth diapers were first mass produced by Maria Allen.
Paulistróm develops an absorbent insert made of tissue.
First reference of a disposable diaper made by PauliStróm in Sweden.
Marion Donovan patents "the boater", a waterproof cover with snaps.
George M. Schroder invents the first diaper using nonwoven fabrics.
Valerie Hunter Gordon develops a two piece disposable diaper in England.
J&J introduces disposable diapers in the United States.
Stanley Mason patented the first disposable and pin free diaper.

Paulistróm introduces "roll diapers" made of cellulose wadding.

P&G begins research work on disposable diapers.

Pampers test marketed in Peoria, Illinois.
Pampers test marketed in Sacramento, California.

Pampers introduced in St. Louis.

Billy Gene Harper and Carlyle Harmon filed the first patents for superabsorbent.

Pampers introduces the tape system.

Pampers improved newborns is introduced.

Pampers changes to hourglass shape and single refastenable tapes.

P&G and KC both introduce diapers with Super Absorbent in the U.S.

Pampers and Huggies both introduce new tape systems (Frontal tape).

Pampers Ultra Dry with "Curly Cellulose Fiber" is introduced.

P&G introduces Pampers Baby Stages after launch in Europe.

P&G introduces new Pampers Baby Dry with new reduced chassis and elastic ears.

KC launches Huggies Supreme "Gente Care" and "Natural Fit" baby diapers.

KC launches the new Snug & Dry: Stop Leaks diaper

So how is all of this relevant to my life? I have here 122 years of people who have dedicated their lives to research/discover ways to improve the diaper. I wonder how all these people would feel to know that thier efforts have been in vain when it comes to this little stinker's (literally) sweet little tushy! Poor Maria Allen would be devastated!

Kerrigan Rose can blow out of any diaper known to man...it doesn't matter if it is a super cheap no name brand diaper, or a super expensive pamper swaddler. To her, they are all the same. This is how we spend a majority of the day:

I am constantly changing her soiled clothes, and our bathroom sink is always full of said soiled clothes soaking in soapy water! I never know such a tiny being could produce so much waste. Please tell me it gets better when I introduce solids to her diet.

P.S. How angry will she be in 10 years when she reads this...I will probably never be nominated for Mother of the Year after this post! : )


sarah said...

Good luck with the diaper thing, the only advice I can give is to boil the soiled clothes in biz detergent to get the stain out. I think they all go through a blow out phase, it shouldn't last long,hopefully :)

Erin said...

Don't be excited for when you start solids! It may get less runny, but it STINKS LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS! I feel like I'm changing an adults diaper every time Ellie poops. Yuck. Bright side: I could have been having babies 30 years ago and washing out all that crap by hand.

Lesley Wright said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have to soak Carter's clothes every day. It was so bad today that I had to give him a bath. I like how you just keep her naked. I am going to try it.

Ryan and Jacquie said...

you are so funny!!! you really pulled the history of diapers. sillyness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson! :-)

Oh, and I hereby nominate you for mother of the year... I think you're great! I don't know too many other mamas who look up the history of disposable diapers!

I also found it interesting to see what was happening when I would have been in disposies. My mom cloth diapered both my brother (early 90's) and I (mid 80's)... so I wasn't in disposables. But it's cool to see that history, y'know?

See ya in an hour! :-D

rachellehurd said...

i LOVED pampers swaddlers when T was a newborn, but switched over to huggies when she grew into a size 1. (which is ironic because she blew out of huggies as a newborn...) BUT i'm sure you've tried huggies. :D a thought- have you bought the plastic cloth diaper covers and put over her diaper? i have no idea if that will help.. but i know i considered it at one point. and YES, K should be outgrowing the blowout stage very soon!